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The Brooke Special - 1936 (Riley-ERA 'Brooke Special') ..................... More Photos










(Photograph - Donington Park, 12 September 2004) ..................... More Photos

E.R.A.-Delage (or Delage-ERA ?)

"Taking the 1927 Delage chassis to which Prince Chula had fitted i.f.s. just pre-war, Rob Walker installed the E-type ERA. engine from G.P.1, the first of the E-types which was crashed and burnt in the 1.o.M. An Armstrong-Siddeley preselector gearbox was used, and the offset driving position and the external appearance of the car was kept original, including the square Delage radiator shell. Modern brakes, shock-absorbers, wheels and tyres were fitted and the car was raced by A. P.R. Rolt. It proved to be a most successful combination and enlivened the 1951/2 seasons on the British cir­cuits, one of its best performances being a 3rd place at Goodwood, behind a Type 159 Alfa Romeo and a 4.5-1itre Ferrari.

The 1.5-litre 6-cylinder E-type E.R.A. engine was fitted with a two-stage supercharging system, with two Roots blowers, one in front of the engine and the other alongside the engine.

1951 Specification.....
Cylinders: 6.
Bore and Stroke: 62.8 x 80 mm.
Capacity: 1,488 c.c.
Induct ion: Two-stage Roots supercharging.
Valves: In­clined overhead with pushrods.
Wheelbase: 8 ft. 2.5 in.
Forward Speeds:         4.
Front Suspension: Independent by transverse leaf spring and upper wishbones.
Rear Suspension: Rigid axle on semi-elliptic leaf springs.
Chassis Frame: Channel-section.
Maximum Speed: 140 m.p.h." ------- From The Racing Car Pocket book by Denis Jenkinson from B.T.Batsford 1962

(Photograph - Donington Park, 12 September 2004) ..................... More Photos

E.R.A.-Riley (or Riley-ERA ?)








(Photograph - © Historic Winton)

SAS (Supercharged Armstrong Siddeley)

In Australia Frank Cuttell used a 1936 Armstrong Siddeley 14hp saloon to produce this ERA-like racer.

Powered by a 1.6 litre overhead valve supercharged straight six engine.






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