John Williamson - the Aussie Ballader

Even if you have no connection with Australia, if you enjoy national ballads, comedy, romance or country life


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Here is his history.

1945 John Williamson was born into a farming family in Quambatook in the mallee country of the state of Victoria in Australia.
1965 John and his family to over a farm at Croppa Creek, south of Goondiwindi, New South Wales. 1970 After winning the "New Faces" talent show with his "Old Man Emu" the song gave him his first No. 1 and gold disc.
1970 John's first album released called "John Williamson".
1973 Hosted the TV country show "Travllin' Out West". John and the cast released a number of "Travllin' Out West" albums and also gave live performances.
1976 The album "The Comic Strip Cowboy" was released.
1976-79 "Crow" was a country rock formed by John. Later this evolved into "Sydney Radio".
1978 The album "Road to Town" was released.
1978 The album "Country Greats" was released.
1980 John wrote "The Breaker" after seeing the film "Breaker Morant" about an Australian country adventurer who was executed in the Boer War. John developed his keenness to sing in a real Aussie accent about real Aussie characters from real Aussie places.
1982 The album "True Blue" was released. This was the first of several different albums that took the same title - that name is now usually used to refer to the later double album compilation. This particular album was later re-released as "Old Man Emu".
1982 The album "Fair Dinkum JW" was released. Later re-released as "Bound for Botany Bay".
1983 The live album "Singin' in the Suburbs" was released. Later re-released as "Waltzing Matilda, John Williamson - Live".
1984 The live album "The Smell of Gum Leaves" was released. Later re-released as "Home Among the Gum Trees".
1985 The album "Road Thru the Heart" was released.
1985 The album Humble Beginnings (Compilation of songs from the 70s) was released.
1986 The compilation album "All the Best" was released.
1986 John wrote and sang the single "Goodbye Blinky Bill". The royalties of the song have raised over a third of a million dollars for the endangered koala.
1986 The Government's "Australian Made" campaign used the song "True Blue" as its theme.
1986 John's first video "Live at the Longyard" was released.
1986 The album "Mallee Boy" was released and quickly earned a platinum disc.
1988 The album "Boomerang Café" was released.
1989 The album "Warragul" was released and reached No. 1.
1989 John received the Variety Club's Entertainer of the Year award.
1989 The compilation album "Australia Calling - All the Best, Vol. 2" was released.
1990 The album "JW's Family Album" featuring comedy and children's songs was released.
1990 The double CD compilation album "True Blue" was released.
1991 John's book, "True Blue" was released, including lyrics and stories of his life and carrier.
1991 The album "Waratah St" was released and immediately eared a gold disc.
1992 John sang in England and Ierland for the first time.
1993 The album "Love is a Good Woman" was released. A compilation of various previous love songs and some new ones.
1994 The album "Mulga to Mangoes" was released.
1995 The film "On Our Selection" included the title track (and one other) sung by John.
1995 John appeared on the Australian "This is Your Life" TV program.
1996 The album "Family album 2" was released.
1997 John's entered on the Roll of Renown at the Australian Country Music Awards, Tamworth.
1997 John appeared as a presenter on the TV program "Bush Telegraph".
1997 The album "Pipe Dream" was released.
1998 John toured England as a solo artist.
1998 The album and video "For Aussie Kids" were released.
1998 John's duet with Warren H Williams of "Raining on the Rock" won the best single at the Deadly Sounds Indigenous Awards.
1999 The album and video "The Way It Is" was released.
1999 The Australian World Cup Cricket Team were entertained by John singing "True Blue" at their victory dinner.
1999 John toured the British Isles again.
1999 John sang for the Australian Rugby Football Team (the Wallabies) throughout their battle to the World Cup Final at Cardiff, Wales. John also performed his song dedicated to the Wallabies - "A Number On My Back" while the Wallabies celebrated victory.
2000 John had his first tour of New Zealand.
2000 John's duet with Jimmy Little "This Ancient Land" was the official song for "Corroboree 2000" - a celebration of Aboriginal reconciliation.
2002 The album "Gunyah" was released.


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