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The British Hill Climb Championship has provided many championships for ERA and BRM from it's first year in 1947 - could more be added to the list soon?
1947 -------- Raymond Mays ---- ERA R4D
1948 -------- Raymond Mays ---- ERA R4D
1952 -------- Ken Wharton ------ ERA R11B & Cooper-JAP
1953 -------- Ken Wharton ------ ERA R11B & Cooper-JAP
1954 -------- Ken Wharton ------ ERA R4D & Cooper-JAP
1968 -------- Peter Lawson ------ BRM P67 V8 4WD

As BRM was closing it's doors as a manufacturer, Bourne was kept on the motorsports map by Pilbeam which made use of the skills of the area. The team provided many more hill climb Championships.
1977 ---------------- Pilbeam-DFV R22
1979/1981 --------- Pilbeam-Hart MP40
1982/1983/1984 -- Pilbeam-Hart MP50
1986/1987 --------- Pilbeam-Hart MP53
1988 ---------------- Pilbeam-Repco MP47
1990-1991 --------- Pilbeam-DFR MP58
1992 ---------------- Pilbeam-DFL MP58
1993-1994 --------- Pilbeam-DFR MP58
1995 ---------------- Pilbeam-DFV MP58
1996 ---------------- Pilbeam-Judd EV MP58
1997 ---------------- Pilbeam-Judd EV MP72

On 16 October 2008 Bee Automobiles Ltd announced that the Bee Four electric racing vehicle (ERV) designed by Martin Ogilvie, will participate in the British Speed Hill Climb championships with Graeme Wight jr as the driver. Bee is now delighted to announce that the ERV will race as the BRM Bee Four ERV reviving the BRM brand in its 60th year.
The BRM Bee Four ERV code named the "Watt 4" is an all electric 4WD vehicle capable of producing 700hp or 520kW. The ERV uses motor technology developed at Oxford University. Bee is a partner with Energy Efficient Motor Sport - EEMS.

"The BRM Bee Four electric racing car will be consistent with BRM's long history of innovation and teamwork, and will be a great demonstration of Rubery Owen's modern day focus on Environmental Technologies. It will also be a 'marker' for a new breed of motorsport, one that minimises environmental impact and is overwhelmingly cost effective, but at the same time phenomenally fast and very 'inclusive'.
Paul Owen, Grandson of Sir Alfred and Managing Director of Rubery Owen's Environmental Technology Subsidiary Rozone Limited commented that "Rubery Owen is very pleased to see the BRM name once again being used to drive forward an innovative development to take Motorsport to new levels - for the last decade our Rozone subsidiary has been seeking to develop technologies under the umbrella of "Sustainable Solutions" - solutions that try to balance economic, social and of course environmental considerations, all within a framework of teamwork and co-operation.
"We believe that the BRM Bee Four project demonstrates this perfectly - acknowledging the past, enhancing the present, and creating the future. At a time when we are all examining the 'cost effectiveness' and 'environmental impact' of many parts of what we do, we hope that the project can demonstrate that Motor Sport can be both of these things - but without forgetting the 'social' aspect of the importance of 'fun' enjoyment and competition' - the main reason that we all do it in the first place!”
About Bee
The BRM Bee Four is part of a business plan by Bee Automobiles to produce a range of production cars. The business will be further funded by private equity."
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