The Hawker Hurricane - the RAF's forgotten fighter star of the Battle of Britain.


Specifications of various Hawker Hurricane versions

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How the last Hurricane was made - was this the last major aircraft to be made to the same basic methods as the earliest "stick and string" planes? It still proved capable of delivering the goods !
The prototype, K5083, was first flown at Brooklands on November 6 1935 by chief test pilot P.W.S. 'George' Bulman and many of the Hurricanes used by the RAF in the crucial defence of this country during the Battle of Britain originated at Brooklands. In all some 2,800 Hurricanes were completed and flown out of this site.



Hurricane IIb

"JU-E" - Z2315

The Imperial War Museum,s Hurricane IIb in hangar 3 of the Imperial War Museum, Duxford.(August 2000)

The Mark XX Rolls-Royce Merlin was used for this batch built during 1940-41. This example has the early 8 gun wing.



Type Hurricane IIb
Engine Rolls-Royce Merlin Mark XX water cooled V-12 1,280 h.p.
Span 40 feet.
Length 32 feet 4 inches.
Weight (standard loaded) 7,244 pounds
Maximum Speed 301 m.p.h. at 15,000 feet
Ceiling 36,000 feet
Stalling speed 75-85 m.p.h. at sea level
Take off to 50 feet 400 yards
Landing run 225 yards
Range 465 miles

Hurricane XIIb

"XR-T" Z7381

The Fighter Collection's Hurricane XIIb in hangar 2 of the Imperial War Museum, Duxford.(August 2000)

In the colours of Squadron 71 "the Eagle Squadron", but holds the civil registration G-HURI.

The Mark XIIb was Canadian built with the Packard Merlin 29 of 1,300 h.p. As with this example, many used the 12 .303 machine gun wing.


Rolls-Royce Merlin V12 four valves per cylinder supercharged.

This Packard built Mk. XXVII produced 1,300hp. at 3,000rpm.



Cosford May 2002

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