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V16 The powerful 1.5 litre supercharged wonder.

Some will say that the BRM V16 was a failure. As a car intended to take on the World at the top level of motor sport, only one World Championship point is not a dominant performance. (That would come after another ten years hard work.) The Formula One 1.5 litre rules were abandoned as the car was reaching maturity. The car did have a successful career away from the spotlight of the World Championship as the following results show.
Wins – 15
Second places – 13
Third places – 9

BRM P25 The 2.5 litre four cylinder that gave BRM it's first win.



V8 The 1962 World championship came to BRM thanks to the V8 engine)



BRM H16 The beast that won a Grand Prix - but for the rival Lotus team.



V12 An early example of the



the others

BRM 4cyl. Formula Two

Chrysler (Hillman) Avenger 1.6litre

Rover 200 BRM LE






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